The New Smart ThinQ Fridge Debuted at CES 2012

 - Jan 10, 2012
References: mashable & engadget
Life is good when you own a gadget from LG like the new 'Smart ThinQ Fridge.' The Consumer Electric Show 2012 is here, which means gadgets galore; not all of said gadgets will end up in the majority of homes, but the Smart ThinQ Fridge sure should. The aptly titled kitchen appliance is as it sounds, and is just one of a line of smart appliances released by LG at the Consumer Electric Show's 2012 edition.

The Smart ThinQ Fridge can be connected through Wi-Fi, is able to be controlled via smartphone and can also be paired with other appliances from the ThinQ line such as washers, ovens and vacuum. This CES 2012 gadget is complete with a smart food monitor that allows you to contact your fridge through your smartphone, sending you updates when you run out of groceries. The health manager function that comes with this diet-inducing fridge allows for an in-fridge-dietician that has voice-recognition software, ensuring each user has their own detailed diet. Another fun feature for wine lovers is it has a speed chill to chill wine in under 8 minutes. Keep your eyes peeled for more gadgets like these at the CES 2012.

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