The HzO Waterblocking Technology Debuts at CES 2012

 - Jan 11, 2012
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To be unveiled at CES 2012, HzO Waterblocking is cutting-edge technology in water damage protection

The technology protects your treasured electronic devices against weather, water and corrosion. A patented vapour-coating process is applied to mobiles, laptops, iPods and tablets. The technology goes beyond consumer electronics, and can be applied to textiles, auto and endless other possibilities. The product is invisible, working on a nano-scale. HzO’s website claims to be "...saving the lives of millions of phones, mp3 players, laptops and other devices that so often fall prey to water damage." An idea after those with clumsy hearts and clumsy hands.

As the video states, "stuff happens." Accidents are inevitable, and life tends to rain on the parade -- or, your electronics. This product is invaluable, and long overdue. Welcomed by CES 2012, HzO Waterblocking is a hero product.