Tri Cascade Elka 700-10 Thermostat Monitors Energy Via Wi-Fi

 - Jan 15, 2012
References: tricascade & psfk
The Tri Cascade Elka 700-10 thermostat is a device that monitors home energy use through a wireless connection. The system, presented at CES 2012, can track real-time energy use, thereby providing consumers with a way to manage their energy consumption.

Featuring a 7-inch touchscreen that runs on the Windows 7 operating system, the Tri Cascade Elka 700-10 thermostat acts as a central control system that communicates wirelessly with nearby power outlets using Zigbee. To manage energy use, consumers can create different energy "zones" and schedules to control energy supply and maintain it at lower levels for specific situations—for example, when people are not in the house. What’s more, the Tri Cascade Elka 700-10 thermostat can function as a music player—use the integrated radio or add your own music—and it also provides weather updates.