Tel Aviv University Creates a Digital Cerebellum for Animals

 - Sep 29, 2011
References: newscientist & gizmodo
Professor Matti Mintz and his fellow researchers at Tel Aviv University have built a digital cerebellum that when implanted into the brain of mice can restore, augment or develop entirely novel brain functions. It may sound flippant, but this may indeed mark a radical shift in human-technology interfacing.

Many onlookers laughed when Neo, suddenly unplugged from the Matrix simulation, exclaims "I know Kung-Fu!" Yet, what passed for humor in 1999 is slowly melding into the reality of 2011. Cochlear implants and prosthesis have already proven that electronics can be plugged directly into sensory glands or muscle tissue without much problem. The digital cerebellum will actually connect with your brain, an entirely mystifying organ. Typically responsible for motor functions, the cerebellums in mice were upgraded to perform more complex tasks and to deliver direct orders to the organ when implanted with this device.

Digitizing brain tissue is a technique that promises to restore brain functions in traumatized or injured patients, and it may even bestow supernatural powers to healthier brains! Who knows what the future has in store next.