Elderly Patients are Granted Mobility with the Face-Controlled Wheelchair

 - Oct 19, 2011
References: diginfo & gizmodo
Whether post-comatose atrophy or degenerative sclerosis has taken the strength from your muscles, the Face-Controlled Wheelchair will return the power of mobility to you and you'll be cruising down the main drag in no time.

It may be an early prototype, but the Face-Controlled Wheelchair made a string of impressive showings recently at Tokyo technology conferences. As long as the patient has muscle functionality above the neck, the device can be operated flawlessly. The Miyazaki University research team behind the project explains that turning the wheelchair is controlled by blinking and the user accelerates by clenching his or her teeth. Proximity sensors will automatically slam the brakes when a nearby object is detected, preventing amateurs from harming themselves. For the time being, the Face-Controlled Wheelchair implements a series of electrodes, though the researchers hope to replace them with wireless goggles.