Electree City Combines Nature and Technology for an Eco Urban Fixture

 - Jan 15, 2012
References: behance.net
Metropolises are centers of extraordinary consumption with a reputation for minimal greenery. What better breed of tree is then sufficiently resilient to root itself in the urban jungle than the Electree City?

Inspired by nature, designer Vivien Muller has created several arboreal objects which play on the concept of photosynthesis combined with solar power technology. Given that the use of solar panels for obtaining energy is quite gentle on the planet, plant imagery is both charming and appropriate.

Magnified in scale compared to his small gadget-charging stations, this project proposes a complete metal tree to be manufactured about 15 feet tall. Each of the smooth and sinuous branches position square plates to face the sky. These leaf-like surfaces are covered entirely by solar cells so that the Electree City can soak up the sun's rays and use them to power public streetlights and the like.