Jamie Zollo's Mobility for the Elderly Makes Senior Travel Easier

 - Jan 20, 2012
References: behance.net & designbuzz
Jamie Zollo's Mobility for the Elderly is a futuristic wheelchair that makes getting around with limited physical capabilities a cinch. The wheelchair looks like no other around with its tri-wheels and throne chair-like seating. All of these features are functional and are intended to make being in the chair a joy rather than a burden.

The raised seat is meant to let the elderly look people in the eye when they speak to them as opposed to having to look up at them. The tri-wheels were created specifically to make mounting curbs easier. The controls of the Mobility for the Elderly are in the shape of a joystick to make maneuvering easier. As more and more people live longer, the demand for new technology aimed at seniors will grow. Jamie Zollo's wheelchair is a prime example of designing ahead of the curve to anticipate the needs of the future.