The E-Vul Concept Car is Eco-Friendly and Programmable

 - Jan 8, 2012
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It is quite clear that the traffic conditions in most major cities are in desperate need of improvement, and while many commuters would not be satisfied to abandon the convenience and comfort of their own personal vehicles, innovations such as the E-Vul concept car could offer a great compromise for people and the planet.

A Red Dot Design Award was granted to Huang Wan-Ting and Chao Chin-Wei of the Chaoyang University of Technology for their compelling proposal. This is a subcompact automobile designed for the year 2030, completely electric, light and efficient and operated through intelligent autopilot technology. An E-Vul electric vehicle can be ordered to your house to pick you up and drop you off, link with others magnetically for groups larger than two, and organize payment and route via your mobile phone.