From Playful Spherical Cars to Futuristic Transportation Orbs

 - Jun 26, 2013
While people often choose vehicles based on need and practicality, others might be looking for something unique and out-of-the-ordinary, and these strangely spherical automobiles will certainly have any car enthusiast completely fascinated.

Even so cars can range in design, price or material, they often all feature a more or less similar rectangular and box-like shape. These spherical automobiles however, have thrown out that typical vehicle shape, and instead created designs that mimics a circular orb, making these cars look more like futuristic rides than practical family vehicles. From zorb-like urban trikes to spherical motored seating, these orb-shaped vehicles are revolutionizing the way cars are normally built and structured.

A seemingly perfect way for individuals to cruise around town, these spherical automobiles will certainly have others on the road glaring in amazement.