The Supple Computer-Controlled Scooter is an Electronic Escort

 - Feb 11, 2011
References: michelinchallengedesign & designbuzz
I can't help but think of the movie Wall-E when I look at the Supple computer-controlled scooter concept. The clever conveyance balances elegantly on a sphere that contains all of the integrated intelligence required to get the sitter from A to B effort free.

Engineered by Mohamad Sadegh Samakoush Darounkolayi for the Michelin Design Challenge, this compact bodiless car can be driven as a single pod or even linked up to two or three other vehicles of its kind. Your desired destination can be programmed into the Supple computer-controlled scooter quite simply, allowing people of the future to ride with their hands full of fatty foods, just like Pixar predicted.