The Apple iMo Reveals the Next Generation of Robotic Urban Cars

 - Feb 16, 2009
References: imoconcept & blog.wired
When you thought of the future of automobiles, did you ever envision Apple stirring the market? Yet here is iMo driving straight out of the computer-addicted sphere of MacWorld and into the competitive automotive arena.

Designed by Anthony Jannarelly for his MA Automotive Design at Coventry University, the Apple iMo concept is a bold study for a future robotic car aiming at refreshing the over-stressed city dwellers and improving their highly-congested daily transits. The ambitious concept intends to be 100% autonomous and extremely interactive in order to attain a more emotional connection with the user, the Mac way.

The minute 2+1 seater boasts a vivid bubbly design and innovative features including two-wheel technology, intelligent communication interface, revolutionary wall and air parking systems, and superior safety design. An electric vehicle above all, it shines its environmental friendliness through its fully recyclable aluminum and polycarbonate body, within which the overjoyed driver and passengers are pampered on soft seat technology. Balance is induced via gyroscopic sensors, while its single axle is driven by 60kW of power, producing 80hp.

All you have to do, of course, is wait unlit 2024, the reported release date; then it is all yours!