From Rugged MP3 Timepieces to Miniature Touchscreen MP3s

 - Apr 30, 2011
The iPod may get all of the money, women and fame, but it is the noble Nano that has been keeping the iPod a contender in the mid-range MP3 player market. To celebrate the Nano's greatness, I have created a top list filled with killer iPod Nano innovations.

Despite its small size, the iPod Nano has undergone some of the most drastic changes of any product. From its tummy tucks to its camera capabilities and its touchscreen, the Nano has changed more times than any other iDevice. If you can't quite afford an iPod but still want a reason to rock the white earbuds, you need to check out all of these iPod Nano innovations. After all, who wouldn't want an MP3 player that also doubles as a touchscreen watch?