The Chrono Nano Wristwatch Strap from IPEVO

 - Jan 19, 2011
References: fancy
The Chrono Nano Wristwatch Strap from IPEVO turns your iPod Nano 6G into a luxury timepiece. Turn on the Nano's time display, clip on the Nano, and you're ready to command a room. Chrono supplies some serious style, and it's a big step up from the cheap rubbery straps made for the kiddies. Plus, it's super easy to equip and unequip—just clip 'n' go.

The Chrono Nano Wristwatch was inspired by vintage chronograph timepieces of the mid 20th century. This is a substantial piece of wrist candy—a strip of hand-sewn Italian calf leather with ivory stitching and surgical-grade steel buckles. Hemingway would definitely have given Chrono a manly grunt of approval.