The Krasimir Emilov Asenov Rollersphere is a Well Rounded Vehicle

 - Feb 23, 2010
References: michelinchallengedesign & yankodesign
If half of these concept vehicles I find on the Internet ever end up being built, the highways are going to look very different in about 20 years. The Krasimir Emilov Asenov Rollersphere is not the strangest vehicle I've seen yet, but it's up there.

Dually powered by solar and electric energy, the Krasimir Emilov Asenov Rollersphere functions on what is called a 'speed track system,' which means rather than conventional tires the vehicle moves on treads that work in conjunction with one another to give the orb maximum maneuverability.

I don't know, I still can't picture myself saying I'm taking the Rollersphere out for a drive.