- Jan 22, 2013
Not only is it a delicious breakfast food, but eggs are also the inspiration for these exquisite design finds that emulate the spherical shape of the little shelled items. Eggs are organically shaped to withstand immense pressure as well as perfectly cradle the baby animal within, which is why it's no surprise that many of the designs you'll see here includes several seats and enclosures that follow the eggy aesthetic.

What's most intriguing to see is the number of automobiles that are designed to be sideways or right-side up eggs that boast some seriously innovative features like hybrid or electric technology for mobility. Amidst these vehicles, there are a number of consumer products that range in use from kitschy speakers to engulfing enclosures that are good enough for a baby chick.

From Energy-Saving Eco Eggs to Egg-Shaped Enclosures: