Infanti Eau de Parfum Encapsulates the Sweet Smell of Baby

 - Oct 9, 2012
References: & packagingoftheworld
Many find that the smell of newborn baby to be wonderfully soft and irresistible, leading one designer to dream up Infanti Eau de Parfum. While a product like this does exist, this one is fictional; however, its endearing branding scheme is particularly worthy of note.

Ramin Hasanalizade decided to employ the symbolism of the egg in the packaging of this fragrance. A milky translucent glass has been sculpted into the perfectly smooth shape of an eggshell, subtly offering a peek inside. The actual capacity of the container is quite limited, comprising a reduced spherical capsule to hold the light yellow liquid.

The consequent appearance mimics a view of an embedded yolk. The Infanti Eau de Parfum bottle is further enhanced by the jagged edge of the cap, looking much like a crack in the egg.