The CityEgg Concept Car is Inspired and Motivated by Nature

 - Aug 8, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
It isn't just the look of the tiny CityEgg commuter that seems to have been influenced by a familiar natural form, for the driving force behind its design has more to do with the terrible impact that cars have on the environment. It's been found so far that the solution might not be in strongly discouraging driving, but rather in reducing the load that individual automobile owners inflict each day.

For those unsatisfied with carpooling and public transit, this little vehicle has space for just one person. Why waste your gas on an empty five-seater anyway? In a traffic jam, almost four CityEggs can cram into the space of one regular motor vehicle, delivering promise of reduced congestion. To top off the CityEgg concept is the egg-shaped body that affords compactness, comfort and great visibility.