The Gordon Tiemstra 'Apollon' Device Will Always Be Kept Handy

Securing a camera that isn't bulky but still performs up to current (high) standards in development and quality is like trying to find a needle in a haystack; however, I've done the prickly work and found the Gordon Tiemstra 'Apollon' camera. This camera is built for fun-loving photographers who love to spend more time editing pictures than they do taking them. It is a device built for creative snappers.

The camera can be connected with more of its kind (perfect if all your friends have them too) so that a single event can be photographed and compiled digitally from different perspectives. This allows making pictures that have depth and stray away from a regular 2-D plane. The Gordon Tiemstra Apollon is built to take pictures in a different way so that the experiences of photography can open up to more opportunities.