Casey Weldon's Double Eyed Cats Drawings Reference Digital Editing

 - Mar 11, 2013
References: caseyweldon & artnau
Casey Weldon's eerie cat illustrations are interesting due to their subtly disturbing nature. Her drawings are exceptional and realistically illustrated except for one feature; all of the cats' eyes have been doubled up.

It doesn't even look like the cats have four eyes but rather, as if the photos have been digitally edited to make it look like that. An even more disturbing portion of her composition is how casually fitting these doubled eye are to the cats' faces.

If this eerie feature wasn't included, the cat illustrations could be completely adorned by the surge of cat lovers on the Internet. Though something tell me that this wasn't exactly what Weldon was going for anyway.

The drawings are well illustrated and interestingly disturbing, referencing digital image editing in a handcrafted manner.