The Privacy Visor Keeps the Wearer's Identity Under Wraps

 - Jan 21, 2013
References: slate & dvice
Since companies and, in particular, airports, have stepped up their security measures, artists, scientists and more have taken it upon themselves to protect the average person; the latest endeavor involves the privacy visor. It is a pair of eyeglasses that thwarts facial recognition systems. The privacy visor is able to do that through embedded near-infrared lights, which when emitted blocks facial recognition in cameras.

Developed by Isao Echizen and Seiichi Goshi from the National Institute of Informatic in Tokyo, Japan, the privacy visor may look rather suspicious, thus calling more attention than allowing people to stay under the radar, it is simply a prototype. The two researchers are currently concentrating on improving the glasses to make them more incognito and, hopefully, fashionable. Of course, anything other than lab goggles would be an improvement.