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Action Marketing

Extreme sports themes catch the eyes of thrill seekers

Implications - With attention spans at an all-time low, the challenge of any company is gaining and maintaining a customer’s attention. Extreme sports themes offer a way to catch the attention of a younger, risk-taking audience, something that brands like Nike and Mountain Dew are recognizing. In a similar vein, brands that specialize in snowboarding, biking and other sports-related products are seeing the benefits of upgrading their wares to include “extreme” features, which appeal to today’s increasing number of thrill seekers.
7 Featured, 57 Examples:
732,787 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jan 11 — Jul 11

Featured Examples

Sky-High Superbikes
Sky-High Superbikes
The Phil Pauley 'Bullet' is a High Speed Flying Motorbike
The Phil Pauley 'Bullet' motorbike by Phil Pauley is very different; it has been designed with four short side wings, a tail fin and incorporates a compact jet engine at the rear for ultimate thrust. Its… MORE
Heliboarding Choppers
Heliboarding Choppers
Snowboarders Can Hit Up Super Gnarly Slopes in the AvA 299 DROP
If you haven’t heard about heliboarding, let me tell you about it through this new little aircraft called the AvA 299 DROP. Heliboarding is the hottest new thing with extreme sportsters. Designed by… MORE
play_circle_filled Arcade Skate Parks
Arcade Skate Parks
The Mountain Dew Skate Pinball Ad Features an Epic Extreme Sports Arena
For those who have wondered what it'd be like to be in the environment of a pinball machine, the Mountain Dew Skate Pinball commercial will answer that question. As expected, the Mountain Dew Skate Pinball… MORE
play_circle_filled Extreme Sports Toy Companies
Extreme Sports Toy Companies
Hot Wheels Will Attempt the World's Longest Car Jump at the Indy 500
Hot Wheels is planning on jumping over a tricked-out trophy truck at over 302 feet in the air at this year's Indy 500 in an attempt to break the record for the world's longest car jump. The truck will… MORE
play_circle_filled Supercharged Snow Sports
Supercharged Snow Sports
Speedflying Combines Skiing and Parachuting in Death-Defying Video
Speedflying is the craziest sport you've probably never heard of, but one look at this video and you'll see why the guys who do it are as hooked as they are. Speedflying combines parachuting with skiing,… MORE
Extreme Sports Crew Contests
Extreme Sports Crew Contests
Record Epic Skills for Nike's 'The Chosen' Facebook Campaign
Remember that Nike Chosen ad? Turns out that the brand is doing a lot more than just epic commercials with the Nike 'The Chosen' Facebook Campaign. As the Nike 'The Chosen' Facebook Campaign suggests… MORE
Midnight Extreme Sports Ads
Midnight Extreme Sports Ads
The Nike Chosen: Just Do It Commercial Will Amp You Up
I love it when watching a commercial like the Nike Chosen: Just Do It gets you extremely amped up. As if the Nike Free ad wasn't epic enough, Nike Chosen: Just Do It kicks it up more than just a couple… MORE

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play_circle_filled Pranking Celeb Feuds
Pranking Celeb Feuds
New Era "Dog" Commercials Shows the Never Ending Rivalry Between Two Friends
Kid Cash Campaigns
Kid Cash Campaigns
The China Poverty Alleviation Ads Show that 'Every Child Can be a President'
Cruising Rapper Commercials
Cruising Rapper Commercials
Imported From Detroit Dr. Dre Ad Gives Chrysler Street Cred
Aging Customer Campaigns
Aging Customer Campaigns
These Jornal de Londrina Ads Remind You News Grows Old
play_circle_filled Smeared Stain Poster Campaigns
Smeared Stain Poster Campaigns
The No Tankers Campaign by Rethink Canada is Smart
Redemption-Seeking Campaigns
Redemption-Seeking Campaigns
The Charity Portal Encourages You to Donate Money
Mod Green Motorcycles
Mod Green Motorcycles
The Volti EV1 Motorbike Makes for a Zero-Emission Ride Effort-Free
play_circle_filled Crazy Baseball Commercials
Crazy Baseball Commercials
SKY PerfecTV Puts a Graphic Spin on Sports
play_circle_filled Devilish Vacuum Commercials
Devilish Vacuum Commercials
The Dirt Devil Exorcist Ad is Freakishly Funny
play_circle_filled Motivating Interactive Campaigns
Motivating Interactive Campaigns
Saucony's Athletic Ad Campaign Asks Users to Find Their Strength
Dual-Winged Planes
Dual-Winged Planes
The Monster Jumbo by Phil Pauley is a Highly Functional Aircraft
Extreme Sport Trampolines
Extreme Sport Trampolines
Bounceboard Lets You Perfect Aerial Snowboarding & Wakeboarding Moves
Revamped Harleys
Revamped Harleys
The Speedy Bott XR-1 Was Created from an Old Motorcycle
Sith Lord Microsoft Parodies
Sith Lord Microsoft Parodies
The Death Star Was My Idea Ad Spoofs Windows 7 Commercials
Epic Sports Ads
Epic Sports Ads
The Eurosport TV Commercials Will Get Your Heart Racing and Your Palms Sweaty
Life-Sized Car Loops
Life-Sized Car Loops
The Hot Wheels Loop Billboard Looks Super Realistic
Giant Kid Billboards
Giant Kid Billboards
The Hot Wheels Child-Shaped Structures are Advertised on the Highway
play_circle_filled Emission-Free Two-Wheelers
Emission-Free Two-Wheelers
The Biona Bike has been Designed to Deliver a Green Ride
play_circle_filled Hip-Hop Mascot Duos
Hip-Hop Mascot Duos
Snoop Dogg and Rico the Puppet Collaborate on a Track in This Hilarious Clip
play_circle_filled Virtual Visit Campaigns
Virtual Visit Campaigns
The Lynx Augmented Reality Angels Interactive Ad is Astonishing
Athletic Projection Promotions
Athletic Projection Promotions
The 'Adidas is All in' Campaign Brings a Light Show to Marseille
Recycled Ad Campaigns
Recycled Ad Campaigns
The Nike Better World Commercial Uses Only Previously Done Nike Ads
play_circle_filled Amped-Up Athletic Ads
Amped-Up Athletic Ads
Watching the 'Adidas is All in' Campaign Video Will Pump You Up
Guitar-Slinging Dessert Ads
Guitar-Slinging Dessert Ads
The Dairy Queen Commercial Parodies the Old Spice Guy
play_circle_filled Epic Athlete Battles
Epic Athlete Battles
The Nike Free Yourself Throwdown Ad Displays Intense Competition
Historical Snow Sport Equipments
Historical Snow Sport Equipments
The Great Dudes of History Snowboards Features Important Figures
Slim Custom Motorbikes
Slim Custom Motorbikes
Redonkulous is a Sleek and Slim Bike from Deadline Customs
Sustainable Sea Searchers
Sustainable Sea Searchers
Phil Pauley Creates a Pathfinder to Revolutionize Underwater Research
Manly Dairy Commercials
Manly Dairy Commercials
This Mammoth Supply Yogurt Ad Sets Macho Rules for Guys
Hot Custom Motorbikes
Hot Custom Motorbikes
The Motomorphic JaFM is Designed to Rule the Road
play_circle_filled Personalized Yacht Designs
Personalized Yacht Designs
This Cruiser Series by Phil Pauley has Something for Everyone's Taste
Extreme Daredevil Diving
Extreme Daredevil Diving
Land Divers Bungee Jump Without Safety Gear
Valuable Marketing Tweets
Valuable Marketing Tweets
Toyotathon Shareathon Rewards Customers With $500
Holiday Sales Apps
Holiday Sales Apps
Retailers Use Black Friday Check-Ins to Target Connected Consumers
Snowboard-Sled Hybrids
Snowboard-Sled Hybrids
The Seated Sled Board is for Thrill-Seeking Sledders
play_circle_filled Status-Changing Commercials
Status-Changing Commercials
This 'Update the Rainbow' Facebook App Updates Your Posts for You
Powerful Powder Boards
Powerful Powder Boards
First Look at the New BLK OPS Power Snowboard
21 Repurposed Parachutes
21 Repurposed Parachutes
From War Parachute Bags to X-Ray Parachute Fashion
Nature-Framing Stunts
Nature-Framing Stunts
Chevroley Installs Drive-In Viewing Frames for UK's Top Views
play_circle_filled Rollable Car Stunts
Rollable Car Stunts
The Volkswagen 'Rollgolf' is a Man-Made Automobile with Steel Caging
play_circle_filled Parachute-Powered Vehicles
Parachute-Powered Vehicles
The 'Maverick' by I-TEC is a Flying Dune Buggy
play_circle_filled Transforming Automobiles
Transforming Automobiles
The Halo Interceptor Will Make Your Current Car Jealous
play_circle_filled Snowboarding Babies
Snowboarding Babies
Meet the One-Year-Old Snowboarder, Ava Marie
play_circle_filled Street Art Tech Stunts
Street Art Tech Stunts
HP Touchsmart Graffiti Wall Features Art from Turbo of Turkey
Gear-Switching Skateboards
Gear-Switching Skateboards
The 'Pedalboard' from Nicholas Sawyers Lets You Kick, Push With Ease
44 Badass Extreme Sports
44 Badass Extreme Sports
From Skydiving With Kayaks to Rally Car Snowboarding
play_circle_filled Extreme Hybrid Sports
Extreme Hybrid Sports
Miles Daisher's 'Skyaking' is an Insane Skydiving Innovation
19 Sick Snowboarding Selections
19 Sick Snowboarding Selections
Shaun White-Worthy Picks, From Snowsport Fusion to Urban Boarding
Tortoiseshell Snow Helmets
Tortoiseshell Snow Helmets
Notion Design Studio Introduces the Air Helmet
Hot Wheel Auctions
Hot Wheel Auctions
1965 Dodge Deora Goes Up for Auction
Extreme Sports Shields
Extreme Sports Shields
Hydro Tec-Hydration Protection for Snowboarders
Yak Skiing
Yak Skiing
This Extreme Snow Sport is for Brave Souls Only
play_circle_filled Wingsuit Base Jumping
Wingsuit Base Jumping
Flying Off Cliffs Like an Eagle
Leading Car Designers Creating Toys
Leading Car Designers Creating Toys
Honda Wins Hot Wheels Design Competition
Toy Cars as Pop Surrealism
Toy Cars as Pop Surrealism
Hot Wheels and Gallery 1988 Exhibit
Top 30 New Extreme Sports (MEGA-GALLERY)
Top 30 New Extreme Sports (MEGA-GALLERY)
Hot Wheels Radar Gun
Hot Wheels Radar Gun