Phil Pauley Creates a Pathfinder to Revolutionize Underwater Research

 - Mar 2, 2011
References: philpauley & philpauley
If the age of underwater habitation is upon you, then Phil Pauley's Pathfinder has arrived right on time. Pathfinders by Phil Pauley are an aquatic innovation that will open the most unexplored frontier left on Planet Earth. Not only are Pathfinders designed to push the boundaries of Human exploration, but also open a whole new field of scientific research.

Pathfinders are designed to travel across the sea floor for a sustained and prelonged period of time within a (rechargeable) self-sustainable capsule. These vehicles are designed for three crew, are 15m long x 4m high, and are capable of endurance research at an average working depth of 4000+ m or 2.5 miles underwater.