The Great Dudes of History Snowboards Features Important Figures

 - Mar 10, 2011
References: yesnowboard & uncrate
I never though Albert Einstein was a guy you called "dude," but if it works for these Great Dudes of History Snowboards, I could work with it.

YES is the company behind the Great Dudes of History Snowboards. Instead of tribal prints, wacky cartoons, or graffiti typography as the design, these board cater to adrenaline junkies by using the most prolific figures for inspiration. The black and white images of these individuals give the board a nice retro look. Some of the very recognizable faces include Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and John Lennon.

As for the board itself, YES states that the collection has a smaller heel side edge with Ultimate Grip technology for a more flexible response.