- Jan 21, 2013
To commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2013, this collection of patriotic finds range from proud to a little obscure. The iconic civil rights activist has come to be the inspiration not only for generations of freedom-minded Americans, but also for artists throughout the years who have created some seriously patriotic items.

Amidst these finds are also a few limited-edition sneakers that look to mark the day and show support in the trailblazer's honor. Moreover, there are a few cutting-edge, 21st century items here including the inspirational quotes app that is rich in endearing words from MLK Jr. himself. The motivational figure is celebrated each year in late January and the date is usually the jumping-off point for Black History month, which runs throughout February as a time to pay respect to, honor and identify some of the most influential people of color through the past several centuries.

Mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2013 With These Patriotic Finds: