Hydro Tec-Hydration Protection for Snowboarders

 - Jul 21, 2009
References: yankodesign
I’m a snowboarding fan and God knows how much pain I’ve endured from falling on icy slopes in the past years. I couldn’t walk and move my feet because of the back injuries. That’s why I am more than thrilled to see the launch of Hydro Tec-Hydration Protection, an innovative protection system for extreme sports fanatics like me.

This protective shield has an impact chamber filled with water and air that acts like a cushion for your body. I’ve tried all types of innovative protection shields from major brands and they all hurt on impact as they are simply pieces of plastic wrapped in soft material. But in the case of the Hydro Tec-Hydration Protection, on impact, the air is pushed up into the back channel and into the dissipation chamber situated around the jacket’s neck piece, inflating it. That’s how the back and the neck are protected from the shock.

This Hydro Tec-Hydration Protection can only bring me joy, as I’m sure it will to other snow sports fans that know what falling means to your bones.