From Skydiving With Kayaks to Rally Car Snowboarding

 - Mar 8, 2010   Updated: Jun 15 2011
I like to think that I'm pretty adventurous, but these badass extreme sports make me feel like a wuss. Who'd think to take a rally car onto a snowboarding mountain, or strap into a kayak just before you skydive? Not me. Not now, not ever.

Anyway, if you've always dreamed to be the daredevil of the party, these badass extreme sports are ones you should certainly try.

Implications - From wingsuit base jumping to inline skiing, sports have slowly become more and more reckless as adrenaline junkies continue to want to feel their blood pumping. By modifying the sport, they're able to feed this feeling and continue to find more unconventional sports methods to do so.