Pillow Fighting Now A Sport

 - Jan 17, 2007   Updated: Apr 14 2011
References: eye.net & neatorama
Almost a year ago, we discovered that Pillow Fight Clubs were popping up around the world. The Pillow Fight Clubs launched public pillow fights in the streets of Isreal, USA, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and Argentina. Now, there's a Pillow Fight League. 

Implications - This new sport has 22 members that are ultimate fighters. The male commissioner named Stacey P. Case is in charge of the matches where the only rule involved is that there has to be a pillow at the point of contact. Fighters are allowed to kick, punch, smother and hold their opponents. Case says that "The fights are real. The girls are going for martial arts training, boxing, and then they’re applying a pillow to it."