- May 12, 2008
References: martinruegg & yankodesign
Who's going to snap your photo while doing those oh-so-cool moves climbing walls, surfing, skating, or playing with your dog? Well, according to designer Martin Ruegg, with the help of the RUSH camera, that photographer could be you!

The idea behind his innovative sport and action camera is to motivate people who enjoy sports to experiment with and experience the dynamics of sports from a unique perspective.

RUSH is a shockproof, waterproof action camera which allows for unlimited action shots during any sport, allowing pictures to be taken from entirely new perspectives. The magic of RUSH is the multi-functional attachment tool, composed of three parts that allow the camera to attach by to the helmet, by a body band, or suction cup.

Combine this flexible positioning with a wireless technology and an easy activation via a ring-worn trigger, and you have the ultimate camera for any situation or position.

Our Chief TrendHunter Jeremy could surely use this camera. One look through his photos shows he is a big fan of having his picture taken jumping off cars and doing crazy stunts.