Tropical Storm Fay Mishap

 - Aug 27, 2008
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Hurricane Gustav has the web abuzz today, but hopefully the people in Haiti aren't inspired by the extreme hurricane tubing in this video. When life handed these guys Tropical Storm Fay, they hooked up an inner tube to a tow hitch and made fools of themselves on a side street. After all, what could possibly be a better idea than strapping your skivvies-wearing best buddy to the back of your truck, than dragging him through water infused with an intoxicating combination of oil, gas, transmission fluid, dirt, and mud?

Watch the video until the end, though, because the unthinkable/inevitable happens, and Homebuy #1 gets to plant a kiss on a neighbor’s tree at 15 MPH. Or face plants into a neighbor’s tree at 15 MPH. It depends on who’s watching.

The gallery features some significantly less painful images of Tropical Storm Fay.