Saucony's Athletic Ad Campaign Asks Users to Find Their Strength

Athletic company Saucony has made a huge step towards expanding its impact in the marketplace with a new ad campaign entitled 'Find Your Strong.' Saucony asks its customers to look inside themselves to find out what it is that keeps them going. The 'Find Your Strong' campaign is a full-throttle marketing assault featuring print, online, event marketing and retail components.

The 'Find Your Strong' campaign features Saucony’s first ever television ad, which showcases a diverse collection of athletes pushing themselves to the limit in various settings, effectively illustrating that everyone’s "strong" is unique.

One of the most interesting parts of the campaign is the social media push. Saucony is asking consumers to share their own personal "strongs," as well as compile them and turn them into a personalized t-shirt. This multi-faceted, well-detailed and personal marketing campaign is sure to create a memorable and lasting impression in the minds of current Saucony fans, as well as people who have never used the brand.