SKY PerfecTV Puts a Graphic Spin on Sports

 - May 11, 2011
References: poetv & copyranter.blogspot
Have you ever sat there and watched a commercial thinking, "Wow, this is really cool" and at the same time thought, "I have no freakin' clue what any of this is about"? If not, look no further because this Japanese baseball commercial airing on SKY PerfecTV definitely has that 'WTF' factor.

Imagine a Japanese action film meeting a Yankees game on speed and you'll have a pretty clear idea of what this commercial looks like. Breaking bones, bloody baseballs and massive bats that have a knack for slamming people in the head are all part of this bizarre commercial. SKY PerfecTV definitely knows how to choose ads that give you something to talk about while feeling completely baffled at the end of the experience.