The Phil Pauley 'Bullet' is a High Speed Flying Motorbike

 - Jun 3, 2011
References: philpauley
The Phil Pauley 'Bullet' motorbike by Phil Pauley is very different; it has been designed with four short side wings, a tail fin and incorporates a compact jet engine at the rear for ultimate thrust. Its specially designed wings allow the Bullet to literally take off from the ground which will allow the rider to experience speed in excess of 300 miles per hour at a height of 12-18 inches.

Once this super-jet-bike is in the air, it is as maneuverable as a low level pass by a military jet and its extra fuel storage within the wings ensures maximum enjoyment.

The Phil Pauley 'Bullet' may well revolutionize motorcycle racing for those who pursue the ultimate in adrenaline rush, extreme sports and future technological advancements.