Honda Wins Hot Wheels Design Competition

 - Apr 27, 2008
References: blog.wired
Lead designers from Honda, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Lotus and Mitsubishi all competed in a Hot Wheels Design Competition. The competition celebrated the 40th anniversary of Hotwheels 1/64th-scale die-cast toy cars.

The Honda Racer is a winning concept from a design competition by Mattel Toys. Honda got a chance to design a no-holds-barred expression of their brands spirit. Drawing inspiration from the 1967 RA273 Formula 1 car, Honda designed the car around its H Emblem.

Honda's designer, Guillermo Gonzalez noted, "Designing a Hot Wheels car is very different and in some ways more liberating than designing a production car. The primary design constraint is that the car had to fit on the orange track and perform a loop. Aside from that, the possibilities are without limit."

If the car ever became a realty then you would be seeing wedged between the driver and navigator a 20 liter VTEC (variable valve timing and electronic lift control) V-10 engine. With 20 liters i.e. 1220 cubic inches, you would be getting two liters per cylinder, in other words total carmic liberation. Topping up the design are chrome velocity stacks and a tangle of fat exhaust headers.