- Sep 19, 2010   Updated: Jul 26 2011
Skydivers and base jumpers aren’t the only people putting parachutes to good use these days. These repurposed parachutes feature parachutes in all walks of life, from fashion to advertising.

These repurposed parachutes are filled with upbeat ways to upcycle a parachute. Of course the traditional way to use a parachute is featured prominently in here as well, but a parachute frock is more fun than a regular parachute.

Implications - Consumers are seeking out ways to inject some more excitement into their lives. Products that promote a more stimulating lifestyle are appealing to those who are beginning to feel the monotony of routine. Coming out with more items that contain this element could help a company grow its profits.

From War Parachute Bags to X-Ray Parachute Fashion: