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Projected Publicity

Marketers turn to large-scale, low-cost mediums to get their message across

Implications - Billboards and print ads are stepping out of the spotlight as large-scale projections on buildings in pedestrian-heavy areas take center stage within the marketing realm. Advertisers and big brands have experienced success working with such a low-cost, viral medium and this form of advertising is picking up major momentum.
9 Featured, 44 Examples:
641,600 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Sep 09 — Jul 10
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

In-Your-Face Projection Ads
In-Your-Face Projection Ads
'Billbored' Projection Ads Will Light Up Your Life
The Billbored projection ads are done by a group from London. They choose busy places around the city and project their opinion onto buildings. Billbored has be trotting around London projecting their… MORE
play_circle_filled Gamer-Centric Projection Campaigns
Gamer-Centric Projection Campaigns
The BMW Joy 3D Ad in Singapore Will Blow You Away
Using building projections, BMW promotes themselves in this interactive BMW Joy 3D billboard in Singapore. Creative and definitely fun to watch, this commercial attracted a large audience that took pictures… MORE
play_circle_filled Interactive Adult Playgrounds
Interactive Adult Playgrounds
YesYesNo's Sweet Night Lights
What do you get when YesYesNo teams up with The Church, Inside Out Productions and Electric Canvas? You get a sweet interactive playground where party goers can get their freak on via light projection.… MORE
play_circle_filled Interactive Face Projections
Interactive Face Projections
Nokia Ovi Maps Activation Gets Celebrated in Style in London
This is another brilliant digital idea blends engaging interactive technology into a product launch for Nokia Ovi Maps. You can take a peek at this incredible projection idea in this video; it's from the… MORE
play_circle_filled Pinball Projections
Pinball Projections
The Sony 3D Projection is Themed "Imagine Football in 3D"
Fresh on the coattails of the Samsung 3D projection, the Sony 3D projection follows up with a lively projection that spanned two buildings in Madrid, Spain. The most innovative part of the Sony 3D projection… MORE
play_circle_filled Pac-Man Projections
Pac-Man Projections
The Darkroom Motion Graphics Display Video Mapped Moving Images on a Map
The Darkroom motion graphics is a boutique visual studio based out of Auckland and London that collaborates on digital art work projects around the world. The majority of their work is “content creation… MORE
Building-Sized Games
Building-Sized Games
AdTrace Projection Technology Makes Ads Bigger & Bolder
Battersea Power Station took off with a large projection of Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the game's release thanks to AdTrace. This endeavor is the marker of the next generation of building projection technology.… MORE
play_circle_filled Projected Pop Culture Clashes
Projected Pop Culture Clashes
AC/DC vs. 'Iron Man 2' Interactive Projection at Rochester Castle
Visual candy is the best way to generate buzz, and this AC/DC vs. 'Iron Man 2' interactive projection definitely gets the job done. Right after the great Nokia interactive project on Ovi, Seeper worked… MORE
play_circle_filled Jail Break Projections
Jail Break Projections
Lights Used to Fake a Break at Bijlmerbajes Prison
As a part of Revu Magazines ‘Crime 100,’ a group of guys made a projection of a man climbing down the side of a building in a jail break and projected it on Bijlmerbajes Prison in Belgium. The light… MORE

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3D Fashiontography
3D Fashiontography
Remix Magazine and Garth Badger Team Up for 3D Fashion Shoots
Cheeky 3D Music Videos
Cheeky 3D Music Videos
Hilarious Vengaboys 'Rocket to Uranus' Video Features Perez Hilton
play_circle_filled Dorm Room Light Shows
Dorm Room Light Shows
Wroclaw University of Technology Puts on Animated Display of Illumination
Viral Anti-Establishment Billboards
Viral Anti-Establishment Billboards
Billbored Project Uses Art to Fight Back Against Politics
Interactive Chalk Backdrops
Interactive Chalk Backdrops
'Allen Solly' by Nithin Rao is a Playful Fashion Shoot
play_circle_filled Interactive Virtual Windows
Interactive Virtual Windows
Winscape Gives a New Meaning to "Room With a View"
play_circle_filled Remixed Fitness Tools
Remixed Fitness Tools
The Vinyl Workout Will Have You Sweatin' to the Oldies
Insectified Fashiontography
Insectified Fashiontography
The Macro World Collection May Cause You to Bug Out
Extravagant Shoe Releases
Extravagant Shoe Releases
The Nike Mercurial Superfly II is a Style Shoe-In
Activist Ad Rejections
Activist Ad Rejections
NBC Refuses to Air PETA Thanksgiving Ad
Illuminating Colorpartments
Illuminating Colorpartments
The Luxury Loft Light Show is an Artistic Marketing Ploy
play_circle_filled Digital Wallpaper
Digital Wallpaper
Projectors & Geometry Mapping Make Any Room a Light Show
16 Shadowy Art Shows
16 Shadowy Art Shows
Dark Projections, from Building Blocks to Interactive Dispays
67 Innovative Projectors
67 Innovative Projectors
From Holograms Text Messages to Projection Activism
Provocative Projections
Provocative Projections
Caesar Lima Creates Unique Body Art With Words
play_circle_filled 3D Wall Projections
3D Wall Projections
Urbanscreen Casts Moving Art on O.M. Ungers' Galerie der Gegenwart
Digital Confetti
Digital Confetti
Party Favors Get Technical for Metropolitan Home Magazine
Cheap Classic Rock Revivals
Cheap Classic Rock Revivals
Aerosmith Hints New CD Will be a Wal-Mart Exclusive
play_circle_filled Interactive Mood Projections
Interactive Mood Projections
'Disturb Me' by The Popcorn Makers Senses Your Emotions
35 Innovations that Change Color
35 Innovations that Change Color
From Mood Lipgloss to Swedish Skyscrapers
Prison Fun Scenarios
Prison Fun Scenarios
PSA Shows Outcome of Drug Smuggling
play_circle_filled 3D HD Projection
3D HD Projection
Obscura Creates Fantastic Urban Light Shows
Prison Tattoos
Prison Tattoos
DIY Inking From Behind Bars With Home-Made Needles and Guns
play_circle_filled Interactive SMS Installations
Interactive SMS Installations
‘Gravity' by Studio 2roqs Uses SMS Technology & Physics
play_circle_filled Animated Snow Projections
Animated Snow Projections
Light Dancing On Snowy Canvases
play_circle_filled Spooky Window Treatments
Spooky Window Treatments
Animated Halloween Projections
Celebrity Mock PSAs
Celebrity Mock PSAs
Your Vote, Your Choice by Hayden Panettiere
Rock Legend Music Channels
Rock Legend Music Channels
AC/DC Radio on Sirius XM
Ultra Sarcastic Political Ads
Ultra Sarcastic Political Ads
McCains' "Hot Chicks Dig Obama" Campaign
play_circle_filled Video Projections on People
Video Projections on People
play_circle_filled Interactive Holograms
Interactive Holograms
play_circle_filled Giant Green Projections
Giant Green Projections
Earth Images at Grand Central NYC
Political Parody Ads
Political Parody Ads
Axe's Hillary Clinton Spoof
play_circle_filled Amplified Pedestrian Shadows
Amplified Pedestrian Shadows
Big Shadow Project
X-Ray Projection
X-Ray Projection
Interactive Installation Lets You See Behind Walls
play_circle_filled Empty Store Front Media Ads
Empty Store Front Media Ads
Motomedia StreetlevelBILLBOARDS
play_circle_filled Interactive Foot Pong
Interactive Foot Pong
play_circle_filled Ikea Interactive Bed Projection
Ikea Interactive Bed Projection
Urban Art Projection
Urban Art Projection
Face of Doom Video Game Projected onto Decrepit Sarajevo Hotel
play_circle_filled Beamvertising
Animated Ads Projected Onto Buildings by Moving Car
Prison Break Actors Chain Walk Through City
Interactive Photo Tiles
Interactive Photo Tiles
100 Million Pixel Virtual Reality Room
100 Million Pixel Virtual Reality Room
Interactive Wonderbra Ad
Interactive Wonderbra Ad