DIY Inking From Behind Bars With Home-Made Needles and Guns

 - Apr 27, 2009
Everyone has a tattoo for a different reason… In prison, tattoos commonly show associations with gangs or they record the wearer’s personal history, such as his or her skills, specialties, accomplishments and convictions. It is also the only method of expression allowed within a prison environment. Certain designs have coded meanings, but understanding them can be quite complex.

Prison tattoos are done with home-made needles and tattoo guns. For instance the "needle" might be part of a paper clip, a staple, or a bit of metal guitar string, while an empty ballpoint pen holds the needle. Ink may come from a pen, or it might be made from melted plastic, burned Styrofoam, or whatever else the prisoners can find.

Considering we are talking about tattoos on bad arses, I have to say they all look really good.