- Apr 24, 2008
I had to look at these images for several minutes to make sense of them. In fact, it wasn't until after watching the video and reading the description that I recognized it was not only extremely unique art, but that these bizarre group portraits had an important social message.

They bring awareness to Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a preoccupation with trying to "fix" the body through cosmetic surgery to attain "perfection." Verlopen, the name of the project, is a Dutch word with the double meaning of 'expired' and 'to make a transition.'

"A full-scale painting was made by creating a number of transitions in beauty on one canvas (layer on layer)," it says on Anna ter Haar site. "Snapshots of this process were edited and then beamed on a model, which has been filmed and photographed."

The project was created by Cris Bartels along with Anna ter Haar, an extremely talented artist who prides herself in doing some very unique work. Previously we've featured her dripping tar sunglasses and bleeding paint chairs.