From Intense Beauty Campaigns to Extreme Surgery Photoshoots

 - Jun 24, 2011
The rapid rise of the cosmetic surgery industry has seen much controversy and there are a variety of strong anti-plastic surgery statements being made to help fight this industry's continued growth. Modern society is obsessed with the ideas of perfection and body image and women go to extreme measures such as plastic surgery to achieve this perfection. This is largely attributable to the importance the media places on these superficial ideals. Despite the unrealistic and unattainable standards of beauty set out by society, humans are willing to do almost anything to look a certain way, from undergoing unhealthy eating habits to attaining excessive cosmetic surgeries.

Implications - The prioritization of beauty over health has many medical professionals, activists and even advertisers going to extreme measures to showcase the dangers of these body modification techniques in the hopes of encouraging the general public to embrace their natural bodies and looks, or to modify them in healthy, sustainable ways. Ad campaigns, editorials, sculptures and compilation albums of plastic surgeries gone wrong are just a few examples of these measures, that are slowly encouraging society and women to consider the consequences of body modification.