Dina Goldstein Unveils Modern Truths in the Fallen Princesses Project

 - Jun 13, 2009
The Fallen Princesses project by Dina Goldstein features photos of Cinderella getting drunk in a dingy pub, Belle under the knife for plastic surgery and Snow White juggling babies while "Prince Charming" watches TV.

In the same way little girls yearn to be Cinderella, grown women fantasize about slipping into the metaphorical glass slippers of bombshell celebs. The difference? Some adults actual undergo transformational surgery to obtain these looks, which is exactly what the Fallen Princesses project sheds light on.

Goldstein also examines other issues, with Little Red Riding Hood with a basket full of McDonalds and a bald Rapunzel holding her fallen locks, presumably after being diagnosed with cancer. There’s also a baby faced Sleeping Beauty in an old age home after she didn’t awake from her teen slumber, and lastly, a gun-slinging Princess Jasmine.

There have been a lot of fairytale photoshoots in recent seasons, but the Fallen Princesses project offers a fresh angle. Instead of teleporting her audience into a fantasy world where all is perfect, Dina Goldstein removed perfection from fairytale flawlessness.