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Trend Reports
Discover why 1,167 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
Join 330,891 subscribers who rely on our weekly newsletter to keep up with need-to-know trends and insights.
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Modular Music

Modular instruments are delivering a more accessible approach to music-making

Trend - Companies are launching specialized and accessible modular music-making units for beginners and enthusiasts. The flexible format is portable, lending itself to the specific needs of the user and enabling them to create an intuitive approach to their craft.

Insight - Whether it is for work, a hobby, or something else, contemporary consumers are placing a premium on personalization because it affords them peace of mind by allowing them to design a product that perfectly fits their needs. By being able to tailor something to their exact specifications, individuals feel relieved that they haven't wasted time in surveying a plethora of options on the market, but also reassured and better supported in their unique endeavor.
Workshop Question - How can your brand use personalization to market to consumers?
5 Featured, 32 Examples:
30,739 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Feb 19 — Dec 20
Consumer Insight Topics:

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play_circle_filled Live Audio Recording Interfaces
Live Audio Recording Interfaces
iCON Pro Audio’s Interfaces are Designed for Live Streaming
play_circle_filled Reverb Stomp Box Pedals
Reverb Stomp Box Pedals
Eventide Unveiled a Reverb Stomp Box Called the 'Blackhole Pedal'
Digital Audio Keyboard Sequencers
Digital Audio Keyboard Sequencers
The Arturia KeyStep Pro Has a Compact, Portable Design
Beautifully Designed Synthesizer Guides
Beautifully Designed Synthesizer Guides
'PATCH & TWEAK with Moog' is a New Resource for Producers
play_circle_filled Lead Synthesizer Plug-Ins
Lead Synthesizer Plug-Ins
Softube Releases the Monoment Counterpart Statement Lead Synthesizer
Conceptual Synthesizer Smartphones
Conceptual Synthesizer Smartphones
The 'OP-S' Smartphone Allows for Mobile Music Making
Flavor-Synthesizing Devices
Flavor-Synthesizing Devices
Homei Miyashita Uses Electrically Charged Gel in Flavor Device
Next-Gen Stringed MIDI-Controllers
Next-Gen Stringed MIDI-Controllers
Jammy EVO Translates Guitar Skills Into Any Instrument
play_circle_filled Portable Analog Step Sequencers
Portable Analog Step Sequencers
Make Noise's 0-CTRL is a Fully Analog Step Sequencer
play_circle_filled Audio Filter Effect Software
Audio Filter Effect Software
Audiomodern's New Motion Filter Plugin is for Creative Audio Movement
play_circle_filled Hybrid Synthesizer Updates
Hybrid Synthesizer Updates
Waldorf Expanded the Performance of Quantum with an OS Firmware Update
play_circle_filled Vintage Clone Drum Machines
Vintage Clone Drum Machines
Behringer Asks Community for Roland CR-78 Clone Improvements
play_circle_filled Digital Spectral Software Instruments
Digital Spectral Software Instruments
Sonivox's Vocalizer Pro is a Sound-Sculpting Instrument
play_circle_filled Elaborate FM Synthesizers
Elaborate FM Synthesizers
The Komado Essence Expands on the Flexibility of Typical FM Synths
play_circle_filled Handcrafted Analog Synths
Handcrafted Analog Synths
Analogue Solutions Launched the Vostok2020 Semi-Modular Synth
play_circle_filled Analog Bassline Desktop Synthesizers
Analog Bassline Desktop Synthesizers
Erica Synths Announced the Release of the DB-01 Synth
play_circle_filled American Analog Synthesizers
American Analog Synthesizers
Moog Music Unveils the Subsequent 25 Synth as a Successor Model
play_circle_filled Personal Studio Audio Interfaces
Personal Studio Audio Interfaces
Solid State Logic Debuted Its First Line of Audio Interfaces
play_circle_filled Exploratory Modular Synth Systems
Exploratory Modular Synth Systems
Erica Synths is Shifting from DIY Modules to Educational Kits
play_circle_filled Analogue Synth Replicas
Analogue Synth Replicas
Korg Inc. Relaunched ARP Instrument's Classic ARP 2600 Synthesizer
Industrial Motor Synths
Industrial Motor Synths
Gamechanger Audio's Motor Synth Generates a Truly Unique Sound
Imaginative Analog Synthesizers
Imaginative Analog Synthesizers
The Moog Matriarch Creates Rich Textural Chord Patterns
Analogue Desktop Synthesizers
Analogue Desktop Synthesizers
Moog's Sirin Synth is a Limited Edition Follow Up on the Minitaur
Cubic Collaboration Speakers
Cubic Collaboration Speakers
The OD-11 Speaker is Crafted from Recyclable Materials
Party-Focused Electronics
Party-Focused Electronics
IKEA and Teenage Engineering Collaborate to Craft the FREKVENS Line
play_circle_filled Chinese Language Smart Speakers
Chinese Language Smart Speakers
The 'Raven' H is Baidu's Smart Speaker for the Chinese Market
Cubic Multi-Room Loudspeakers
Cubic Multi-Room Loudspeakers
The Teenage Engineering OD-11 Speaker Comes in Four Color Options
play_circle_filled Chromatic Unorthodox Smart Speakers
Chromatic Unorthodox Smart Speakers
The Baidu Raven H Looks Unlike a Traditional Speaker Unit
Wireless Pocket Drum Machines
Wireless Pocket Drum Machines
Teenage Engineering's PO-32 Tonic Can Import and Export Wirelessly
Handheld DJ Synthesizers
Handheld DJ Synthesizers
The Teenage Engineering Pocket Synthesizer is a Minuscule DJ Set
Custom Retail Spaces
Custom Retail Spaces
The Store & Teenage Engineering are Collaborating on an Experimental NYC Shop
Cubed Cloud Speakers
Cubed Cloud Speakers
This Teenage Engineering Bluetooth Enabled Speaker is Unveiled at CES 2013