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Meme Celebrity

Online phenomenons are becoming real-world power influencers

Implications - Online memes are now catapulting regular people and pets into fully-fledged stardom. Grumpy Cat, Psy (from Gangnam style) and various other online sensations are launching books, product lines and are even appearing on major broadcast networks. While the lifespan of these web celebrities in pop culture may be short-lived, their influence at the their peak is intense.
8 Featured, 57 Examples:
350,583 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Oct 12 — Mar 13

Featured Examples

Meme-Based Nominee Depictions
Meme-Based Nominee Depictions
This Year's Oscar Nominees Get Memed in These Redone Posters
Is there anything the Internet at large loves more than making fun of some Oscar nominees? If these meme-based Oscar nominee posters are any indicator, I’m going to say no. has... MORE
Celebrity Feline Paintings
Celebrity Feline Paintings
Aja Immortalizes the Memes of Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub in Paintings
New York-based artist Aja created these hilarious and timely paintings, which are re-creations of infamous Internet meme stars such as Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub. The talented artist has immortalized... MORE
Cat Meme-Tributing Treats
Cat Meme-Tributing Treats
These Grumpy Cat Cookies by Whipped Bake Shop Will Make Sourpusses Smile
These Grumpy Cat Cookies by Whipped Bake Shop are perfect for the crabby and cranky love of your life. Paying tribute to Grumpy Cat, a meme that has since exploded to Internet stardom thanks to... MORE
Dancing Pistachio Viral Ads
Dancing Pistachio Viral Ads
This Psy Super Bowl Commercial Re-Visits Gangnam Style
A new Psy Super Bowl commercial for Wonderful Pistachios surfaced last night on CBS during the big game and perpetuated the Gangnam Style craze once more. YouTube’s most watched video of all... MORE
Three-Dimensional Meme Moldings
Three-Dimensional Meme Moldings
This Piece of Grumpy Cat Art is Finely Crafted from Clay
Internet memes are one of the most pervasive pop culture phenomenons to come along in recent history and this Grumpy Cat art extends the influence into other realms of media. This piece in... MORE
play_circle_filled Optimistic Meme Toys
Optimistic Meme Toys
The Ryan Kittleson Success Kid Figurine Celebrates Victory
Clearly the Ryan Kittleson Success Kid Figurine was created with extreme digital prowess. Only a graphics designer with as much talent and attention to detail as Ryan Kittleson could have used a... MORE
13 Viral Gangnam Style Sensations
13 Viral Gangnam Style Sensations
From Move-Busting Cyborgs to Pop Music Prisoners
The Gangnam style phenomenon has broken world records and set a new standard for viral videos. With approval from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as a “global hit as a force for world peace,&... MORE
play_circle_filled Viral Korean Pop Manicures
Viral Korean Pop Manicures
Show off Your Sweet Moves While Wearing Gangnam Style Nail Art
Once you’re familiar with the dance moves from the popular Korean pop song, get your fingernails on the same wavelength with the Gangnam Style Nail Art tutorial. This short video tells shows... MORE

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Pop Art Oscar Posters
Pop Art Oscar Posters
Nominees for the Academy Awards 2013 Get Retro Makeovers
Gender-Focused Oscar Infographics
Gender-Focused Oscar Infographics
This Infographic Will Help You Make Your 2013 Oscar Picks
Internet Meme Dance Roulettes
Internet Meme Dance Roulettes
Harlem Shake Roulette Combines Chatroulette and Harlem Shake Memes
play_circle_filled Action Hero Sci-Fi Voiceovers
Action Hero Sci-Fi Voiceovers
Hilarity Ensues with Schwarzenegger Lines Dubbed Over Darth Vader
Movie Star Meme Journals
Movie Star Meme Journals
This Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Journal Will Make Your Day Easier
Winning Film Statue Illustrations
Winning Film Statue Illustrations
Olly Moss Redesigns all of the Oscars Awards Over the Years
play_circle_filled R-Rated Viral Reenactments
R-Rated Viral Reenactments
Wood Rocket Turns Popular Memes Into Inappropriate Videos
play_circle_filled Devilishly Tempting Pizza Ads
Devilishly Tempting Pizza Ads
Delissio Pizza Turns Dull Dinners Into Party Nights
play_circle_filled Tax Service Ad Spoofs
Tax Service Ad Spoofs
This Jackson Hewitt Commercial Pokes Fun at Child Tax Benefits
play_circle_filled Unrealistic Animal Race Ads
Unrealistic Animal Race Ads
This Skechers Super Bowl Commercial Pits Man Against Cheetah
Disaster Driven Insurance Ads
Disaster Driven Insurance Ads
This Allstate Commercial Points Out That Mayhem is Everywhere
play_circle_filled Die-Hard Soccer Pilgrimages
Die-Hard Soccer Pilgrimages
Orange Presents This Ad in Support of the Africa Cup of Nations 2012
Contagious Car Commercials
Contagious Car Commercials
The Volkswagen Superbowl Commercial Will Bring a Smile to Your Face
play_circle_filled Boosted Confidence Car Ads
Boosted Confidence Car Ads
The Audi Super Bowl Commercial Instills Confidence in a High School Kid
play_circle_filled Female-Centric Advertising Satires
Female-Centric Advertising Satires
This Sketchy Video Mocks How Women are Portrayed in Advertising
Amateur Super Bowl Ad Contests
Amateur Super Bowl Ad Contests
This Super Bowl Commercial Contest has Become a Doritos Tradition
Numerical Oscar Analysis Infographics
Numerical Oscar Analysis Infographics
This is Your Guide to the Oscar Nominations 2013
Truthful Film Posters
Truthful Film Posters
The Honest Movie Titles: Oscars 2013 Edition Reveals a Harsh Perspective
Frowning Feline Mugs
Frowning Feline Mugs
The Grumpy Cat Mug is the Best Accompaniment For the Crabby Morning Type
Feline-Focused Social Networks
Feline-Focused Social Networks
Catmoji Brings Social Networking to Cat Lovers
Risqué Grumpy Cat Pasties
Risqué Grumpy Cat Pasties
Grumpy Cat Pasties Show a Naughtier Side to the Viral Kitty
play_circle_filled Viral Video Holiday Apparel
Viral Video Holiday Apparel
Get Your Pop Culture Christmas Sweater with the Yolo Sweater
play_circle_filled Merry Meme Holiday Songs
Merry Meme Holiday Songs
Brighten up Your Holidays with the 12 Memes of Christmas Video
play_circle_filled Festive Meme Reflection Videos
Festive Meme Reflection Videos
The Algonquin TVB Unleash the Most Awe-Inspiring Memes of 2012
play_circle_filled Blockbuster Movie Mashups
Blockbuster Movie Mashups
Sleepy Skunk Creates Epic Trailer to Celebrate the Best Movies of 2012
Grotesque Taxidermy Sculptures
Grotesque Taxidermy Sculptures
The Dutch Idiots Art Collective Creates Freaky and Fascinating Work
play_circle_filled Frowning Kitten Videos
Frowning Kitten Videos
Tarder Sauce is a Famous Grumpy Cat with Over Four Million YouTube Views
play_circle_filled Majestic Feline Heating Ads
Majestic Feline Heating Ads
The Mammoth Modern Insulation Prince Nikolai Advert Uses the Cat Meme
Meme Christmas Decor
Meme Christmas Decor
Ermahgerd Ernamernts are Hilarious Holiday Ornaments
Viral Song Shirts
Viral Song Shirts
Break Out in Song and Dance Legitimately Wearing the Gangnam Style Shirt
Internet Sensation Memory Sticks
Internet Sensation Memory Sticks
The Psy Gangnam Style USB Drive Gets Its Groove On
play_circle_filled Move-Busting Cyborgs
Move-Busting Cyborgs
The Gangnam Style CHARLI-2 Robot Rocks the Dance Floor
Viral Dance Video Necklaces
Viral Dance Video Necklaces
The Gangnam Style-Inspired Diamond Pendant Will Cost You $59,975
play_circle_filled Korean Pop House Decorations
Korean Pop House Decorations
A Halloween Light Show Gangnam Style in Leesburg Lights Up the Sky
Anti-Feminist Political Memes
Anti-Feminist Political Memes
The 'Binders Full of Women' Tumblr Satirizes Romney's Debate Misstep
Viral Cappuccino Art
Viral Cappuccino Art
Pay Homage to Psy with Some Steamy Gangnam-Style Latte Art
play_circle_filled Pop Music Prisoners (UPDATED)
Pop Music Prisoners (UPDATED)
The Inmates Dancing Gangnam Style Sure Can Bust a Move
Celeb Name Pun Blogs
Celeb Name Pun Blogs
These Celebrity Name Puns are a Great Play on Words
play_circle_filled STD-Free Parodies
STD-Free Parodies
Open Condom Style Spoof Promotes Safe Sex While Being Hilarious
play_circle_filled Pixelated Viral Song Shorts
Pixelated Viral Song Shorts
Psy Rocks the 2D World in This 8-Bit Gangnam Style Video
play_circle_filled Record-Breaking Dance Videos
Record-Breaking Dance Videos
The Behind-the-Scenes Gangnam Style Short is Hilarious
Picture-Removing Browsers
Picture-Removing Browsers
The '' Chrome Design Will Delete Infant Pictures from Your Wall
play_circle_filled Viral Family Dance Duos
Viral Family Dance Duos
The Gangnam Style Mom Video is Hilarious and Well-Executed
play_circle_filled Viral Song Wedding Parodies
Viral Song Wedding Parodies
The Gangnam Style Wedding Video is Hilarious and Fun
play_circle_filled Mascot Music Videos
Mascot Music Videos
The Oregon Duck Breaks it Down Gangnam Style
Olympic Champion Parodies
Olympic Champion Parodies
The Ryan Lochte Derp Meme Quotes the Charming Swimmer
Internet Meme-Inspired Wardrobes
Internet Meme-Inspired Wardrobes
These 'b for bel' Outfits Showcase Your Favorite Online Humor
Adorable Kitty Meme Pendants
Adorable Kitty Meme Pendants
The Nyan Cat Necklace by Sugar and Vice Designs is Internet-Inspired
Superimposed Kitty Blogs
Superimposed Kitty Blogs
The Nicholas Cage Cat Tumblr is Hilarious
Nostalgic Downfall Memes
Nostalgic Downfall Memes
The 1990s Problems Jokes are a Hilarious Throwback
Comical Meme Accessories
Comical Meme Accessories
The Greenmot Jewelry Collection is Quirky and Humorous
Feline-Concerned Parodies
Feline-Concerned Parodies
The Catnip Focused PSAs are Meme-Inspired
Super Smart Star Memes
Super Smart Star Memes
The 'Programmer Ryan Gosling' Blog Features the Sultry Celeb Getting Nerdy
Cuddly Container Cats
Cuddly Container Cats
The Bonsai Kitty Plush Recreates an Old Internet Meme Sensation
Tangible Internet Memes
Tangible Internet Memes
LEGO Nyan Cat Mimics Computer Pixels with Children's Toy Blocks
play_circle_filled Movie Mashup Music Videos
Movie Mashup Music Videos
The Buck 65 'Superstars Don't Love' Video is Graphic
Movie Mashup Contests
Movie Mashup Contests
The Mate a Movie Photoshop Contest is Every Film Buff's Fantasy