Wood Rocket Turns Popular Memes Into Inappropriate Videos

 - Feb 8, 2013
References: crackajack.de & crackajack.de
Taking some of the most hilarious Internet memes of all time, the 'Memes I'd Like to F**k' series by Wood Rocket use actual porn stars to turn them into slightly inappropriate videos.

'David Goes to the Dentist' was an innocent viral video poking fun at a little boy's drug-induced ramblings after a visit to the dentist. When reenacted by a topless woman, the slurred speech and dazed looks suddenly seem incredibly sleazy. The series also turns still memes, such as the Ikea Monkey into short videos that are still hilarious, but with an added layer of vulgarity.

With the 'Memes I'd Like to F**k' series, Wood Rocket has managed to combine two popular Internet pastimes, humor and pornography, creating somewhat inappropriate videos in the hopes of creating the next viral hit.