From Move-Busting Cyborgs to Pop Music Prisoners

 - Oct 30, 2012
The Gangnam style phenomenon has broken world records and set a new standard for viral videos.

With approval from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as a "global hit as a force for world peace," Psy's catchy tune has put Korean pop on the mainstream music map. Gangnam style boasts more than 500 million views on YouTube and has generated mass appeal with its amusing melodies and hilarious dance moves. A parody to the lavish lifestyle enjoyed by residents of the Gangnam district in Seol, Psy's hit is the most liked video on YouTube.

There have been a vast amount of tributes that have spawned from the viral k-pop hit. From robots imitating the quirky dance moves to USB drives that resemble Psy, these Gangnam style sensations will continue to inspire listeners to "dress classy and dance cheesy."