From Company-Hosted Croquet Events to Flavored Sun Lotion

 - Sep 6, 2016
Companies are always looking to get their products noticed over that of its competitors -- which is something that all of these September 2016 brand activation ideas seem to have in common.

By using exclusive pop-up shops as a way to market new apparel and other products, companies and celebrities alike are able to generate a sense of urgency among buyers that turns a retail spot into an anticipated event. An example of this that's included is the 21 tour merchandise stores that Kanye West set up around the globe -- prompting people to wait outside for hours just to get their hands on some of the branded clothing.

Companies in the food industry are taking similar ventures as well -- hosting limited-time events with elaborate menu options that consumers don't want to miss out on. Also included in this series of September 2016 brand activations are a number of branded events that get consumers actively involved -- ensuring that the name of a product and the positive memories that become associated with it are ingrained.