Foulplay Will Leave Its Portable Shop Open for a Limited Time Only

As a means to bring its apparel to more consumers, a Phoenix, Arizona-based company known as Foulplay will travel with a retail pop-up in tow.

The shop will be located in the back of a renovated box truck, that expands 16 feet in length. Inside, consumers will find the label's Spring/Summer 2016 collection, which will include a variety of branded t-shirts, hats and other accessories. Though the space is limited, the use of a minimalist design makes it appear much larger than it is.

This invites consumers to stay longer than they would in a space that's overcrowded and also shows a limited amount of apparel to them -- generating a sense of urgency that prompts them to buy more. The Foulplay name is branded clearly on the side of the retail pop-up, making it easily recognizable to its consumers.