- Mar 24, 2019
The expansive series of March 2019 business trends cover an eclectic variety of ideas, all of which are created to provide a better customer experience. The wide array of industries approach this goal through a range of ways, infusing elements that provide a more convenient or premium experience for the subjective consumer.

'Recess IRL' recently exemplified this with its latest New York pop-up space. It specializes in CBD-infused sparking water and to embody its own brand, the event space was complete in neon hues and captivating designs. The pop-up is appealing as a perfect photo opp and it is packed with its beverage -- it is also described as a setting to "take a Recess; to pause, reflect, and wonder, before continuing on with your day." 'Atelier Beauté' also opened up a space that allows its consumers to comfortably explore its products. There are personal lockers for their personal belongings and the location features sinks, sensory experiences, and more. Guests also leave with a personally branded bracelet that is dipped in their selected scent.

From Rebalancing Beverage Pop-Ups to Slow Luxury Beauty Shops: