The Fragrance Shop's 'Sniff Bars' Change the Way People Shop for Perfume

A number of trailblazing fragrance brands are doing the unthinkable by proving it's more than possible to appeal to Millennials and have consumers shop for perfume online without ever having experienced the scent of a product. The Fragrance Shop is now introducing in-store Sniff Bars, which blend the comforting physical store experience with all of the convenience of the digital realm.

One of the main advantages of the Sniff Bar is that consumers are able to experience a variety of scents to determine which ones best suit their preferences. Additionally, the in-store station gives shoppers the chance to scan QR codes to make quick purchases and specify a location where they would like their fragrance product of choice to be delivered.

Due to the success of these "disruptive digital fragrance bars," The Fragrance Shop will be introducing more Sniff Bars across the UK, featuring products from Calvin Klein, Chloé, Diesel and more.