From Coffee Delivery Services to Wi-Fi Reward Programs

 - Apr 26, 2015
Knowing that people will want to get out and enjoy the good weather during the summer months, many of the top April 2015 business ideas create enjoyable experiences. From pop-up cheese and yogurt tasting stations to bike-sharing services, health is definitely still top-of-mind for consumers.

When it comes to spotting new business opportunities on the horizon, New York Times bestselling author Jeremy Gutsche describes how to spot six patterns of opportunity in his newest book, Better and Faster. Examples of acceleration, convergence, divergence, redirection, cyclicality and reduction can be spotted in these spring business ventures. For instance, marked by co-branding, the experiential shop opened by AwesomenessTV and STORY in New York City is an example of convergence that leverages one brand to pump up another.