Jeremy Gutsche's Better and Faster Details Business Wins and Losses

 - Mar 9, 2015
References: jeremygutsche & betterandfaster
Having the ability to see emerging patterns of opportunity is one of the main messages in Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche's newest book, Better and Faster. In a chaotic world that's constantly changing, now more than ever, brands are required to adapt or become obsolete. Better and Faster teaches you to spot six patterns of opportunity in any field of business.

One such example is Convergence, exemplified by Dave's Killer Bread. Gutsche describes, "Once you craft a strong core idea, you can often increase your likelihood of success by riding multiple trends." Dave's Killer Bread aligned with multiple emerging trends in branding, sustainability and social good, making for a product that had wide appeal and succeeded on every front.

To dive deeper into Convergence and more patterns of opportunity, pick up your copy of Better and Faster HERE.