- Nov 25, 2018
The November 2018 beauty trends cover a variety of different products for both women and men that are meant to make consumers look and feel their best.

One especially noteworthy feature comes from Herbal Essences, who collaborated with Sam Latif of P&G to come up with inclusive hair product packaging that's easier for the visually impaired to decipher. As shampoo and conditioner bottles tend to have similar shapes, it can be hard to figure out which one is being used when the labels can't be read. To provide a solution to this problem, Herbal Essences added raised markings on the bottles that highlight what each one is. On the base of the shampoo bottle there are four vertical lines, while the conditioner bottle has two rows of dots. With this initiative, Herbal Essences helps to empower its visually impaired consumers.

In celebration of Halloween, Revolution Beauty London created a new highlighter that's a deep shade of red. Inspired by the color of blood, the shade is dubbed 'Blood of My Enemies.' The formula is also offered in other unique shades such as 'Lover's Wrath,' 'Paranormal,' and 'Envy.'

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